3 Ways to Clean the Right Ear Using the Right Methods and Tools

Marsha BeautyThe ear is one of the parts of the body that serves as one of the sensory devices. Marshalova, you must be familiar with the term five senses and the ear is a device that works as an auditory sensory device. Knowing how to clean the ears properly using the right tools is important in caring for the sense of hearing.

Common Mistakes in Caring for and Cleaning the Ears

The ear has a natural safety mechanism in the form of oil glands which are sometimes called earwax. These glands produce a yellowish fluid that actually serves as an infectious agent, protector of the inner ear and keeping the ear moist. However, when produced in large quantities and accumulated in the ear canal, the earwax is often considered dirt. 

This earwax is often cleaned with a cotton bud. In fact, this method is dangerous because it can push the earwax into the ear or injure the inside of the ear when the cotton bud goes too deep. Knowledge of how to care for the ears / how to clean the earwax properly using with the right equipment is information you must know.

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Some Ways to Clean Your Ears Properly

There are several ways to care for the ears / how to clean the ears properly using the right tools for you to know and learn. Check out the reviews from Marsha Beauty below!

Wearing Ear Drops

how to clean the ears properly using

One of the ways to treat the ears / how to clean the ear canal properly is to use ear drops. This product is one of the options to help the process of removing earwax. After being dripped, the earwax will come out or come off by itself. These ear drops are also often given when the ear has an infection. 

Some ear drops contain sodium bicarbonate or hydrogen peroxide. If you have a history of sensitive skin then you should consult a doctor before using this drug that is actually sold over the counter. The use of these ear drops must also be done carefully. Mainly related to hand and tool hygiene factors when dripping it. Wash hands before dripping ear drops and make sure the drip holes or pipettes used are clean or sterile.

Using Olive Oil or Baby Oil

how to clean the ears properly using

The use of olive oil or baby oil is a way to care for the ears / a safe way to clean the ear canal when having problems with dry ear wax. This problem is quite common because the earwax is produced quite a lot and does not come off immediately so that it dries and hardens in the ear. 

The use of olive oil or baby oil can generally moisturize the middle part of the ear and make the ear wax that dries back moist and loose. Do this several times until the earwax comes off or call a doctor immediately if the problem persists.

Perform an Ear Examination

how to clean the ears properly using

Visiting an ENT specialist for an ear examination and treatment is a very wise course of action. You will get an ear examination and treatment with medical standards and use the tools that should be used for that purpose. 

Doing regular checkups can maintain ear health as well as prevent hearing problems that generally develop gradually. The sooner the problem is known the greater the chance of a cure.

Here are 3 ways to take care of your ears / how to clean your ears properly using methods that are safe for Marshalova. You don’t just look pretty, do you? But having clean and healthy ears will make you easy to get along with and be active.