Encourage Students’ Academic and Non-Academic Ability: 5 International School di Jakarta

Students at every level of education should be supported in both academic and non-academic excellence. It is because they have to unleash their potential and increase the possibility to be successful not only in academics but also in others fields. At this moment, many international school di Jakarta has been change the learning system to fully support both fields.

5 International Schools that Encourage Students’ Academic and Non-Academics Ability

  1. Global Sevilla

Global Sevilla pledges the big chance for students to develop their potential unlimitedly in this school. Thus, the teachers and learning environment here encourage students to be excellent in academics with a great curriculum and also provide a wide range of non-academic activities from sports to art. It aims to support their skills and interest improvement.

  1. Bunda Mulia School

Bunda Mulia School has two programs to support the students’ development in terms of non-academic, it is the After School Program (ASP) and Extracurricular Activity (ECA). Whereas ASP consists of coding and taekwondo from Singapore Education Hub, Japanese Language, Engineering for kids, and others. In addition, this international school di Jakarta has an ECA program which offers a wide range of activities.

  1. Ichthus School

Ichthus Scool strives to support students’ interest in non-academic fields with various clubs and activities here. From music, choir, performing arts, sports, athletics, learning journeys, community services, mission trips, student leadership, stewardship initiative, literary clubs, debate, and others, this school tries to nurture and enhance students’ talent and skills.

  1. Global Jaya School

Global Jaya School has ASA (After School Activity) to extend their potential skills and physical, social, and emotional experiences. It also can be a place to connect each student with their peers outside the class and improve self-esteem, resilience, persistence, and teamwork. In addition, the students here are persuaded to join this program and can maximally choose three activities.

  1. ACG School Jakarta

ACG International School di Jakarta offers amazing opportunities for students to enrich their special interests in various exciting activities outside the class. Thus, these after-school activities are available from multiple sports choices to art, also several clubs and committees. For example, there are ACG Radio, Assembly Committee, Yearbook Committee, and others.

After knowing the various program to support students in terms of non-academic activity, it might be the right decision to send them to the schools that have been mentioned. Moreover, Global Sevilla can be an appropriate one because there has a wide range of activities that can give the students a big chance to expand their skills and interest outside academic excellence.